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My puppy questionnaire is to ensure that my puppies are placed in forever, loving homes based on the needs of the family.  So please fill it out then copy and paste and send to  Thank you!

1)Full name:
3)Phone numbers:
4)Email address:
5)What gender of puppy are you interested in?  Male or Female?
6)What colour?   Black   Yellow  Chocolate?
7)What will be the primary purpose of your puppy? ie pet, perfomance etc
8)My puppies are sold on a CKC non-breeding contract with a spay/neuter agreement.  Will you sign the contract?
9)Do you have children in the house and if so ages?
10)Do you have other pets in the house?
11)Do you own your own home and most importantly is the yard fenced?
12)Labradors are great dogs but all great dogs require training.  Are you willing to attend training classes with your puppy?
13)Will you crate train your puppy?  Crates are a great tool and the dogs love the den effect they get from them.
14)How long will your puppy be left unattended?  Labs do not do well left alone for great periods of time.
15)Will the puppy be living in the house?
16)If for whatever reason, no questions asked, you can no longer keep your Timberghost puppy/dog are you willing to return it back to us so we can find another suitable home for it?  This is very important to me and is in my contract.
Thank you!


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