Questionnaire for Prospective Puppy Purchasers.

We here at Timberghost want to make sure that we match our puppies with the best home possible for each and everyone of them.  So please answer the questions as best you can so that we can match you up with the puppy most suited to your needs as well as the puppy.  Please fill out the form then copy and paste and send it to  Many thanks!!


Full mailing address:

​Phone #

Who referred you or how did you find us?

What made you choose a Labrador over another breed?

Have you ever owned a dog before? and if so what breed? and what happened to it??

Do you have other pets in the house and  if so  what  please?

Will there but young children living with the dog and if so age please.

Our puppies are sold on a CKC non breeding contract which will require them to be spayed/neutered at an appropriate age.  Are you ok with that??

What are you looking for: Male or female

Colour choice:  This litter will be all yellow litter

What are you interested in doing with your lab i.e.: Family pet, obedience, tracking, field work, walking companion etc

We know labradors are great dogs but they to need to go to obedience class to learn and become even greater dogs....will you be participating?

Do you own or rent. If renting is you landlord ok with dogs??

Do you have a securely fenced yard? Very important!!!!

How many hours in a day will the dog be left alone??         Labradors do not do well left alone for long periods of time!!

Will you crate train the dog?

​\How will the dog be transported????


If you were not, for whatever reason, able to keep the dog are you willing to sign a contract stating that the dog will be returned to Timberghost no questions asked??

​Thank you for participating!!